How can anger be controlled? What is the harm caused to anger?

How can anger be controlled? What is the harm caused to anger?

Friends Anger is a thing that damages very much in today's life. We all get rid of the word 'anger' from our lives, we benefit greatly from our lives. 

But that is not possible. Because the anger goes away due to many troubles in our daily life. Our life is full of troubles. 

There is a lot of problems in life, but we are retreating instead of facing it. 

Because of this we are very angry and we take bad decisions at this time and we have to suffer a lot of losses. 
Friends, today we will talk about this in this article.

Anxiety Damage :

It is said that anger is a terrible disease that does not go away from any medicine. 

Technology has come into the world today, but mental illness like anger can not be controlled. 

Years ago, the princesses of the kings were ruined by the disease called this anger. 

We think so much that some of the decisions we make in our lives are very big damages. 

So we have to learn to overcome our anger. You should learn to solve any difficulties.

Anger is a big loss on our body. Frequent anger results in distortions in our brain. 

Excessive anger affects our brain's thinking. We can not make a right decision straight away. And our memory also seems to decrease. 

Anger also has many changes in our body, such as decrease in body growth. 

So we should reduce the level of anger. Increased blood pressure increases due to excessive irritation and there is a possibility of a heart attack.

There are many examples. That people have lost their lives only by an angry one. 

Excessive anger is a sign of a devastation. That is why we must take the right step at the right time.

How to control anger : 

The control over anger is in our hands. Because anger is a thing that belongs to us. So, we can not control it on its own.

When we get angry, we will not feel any peace at all for some time, we will not make any decision. So that we can control the anger. 

When we talk to someone, we should remain silent because sometimes we get angry when we talk to them. So it should be kept in control. 

Often, we must dispose of any thing as well. We should take adequate sleep, which can cause our brain to remain calm and reduce the level of anger.

Final Words :

Friends, anger is such a type. That is why we have to suffer losses. 

So we should always keep an eye on anger. There are many damages caused by anger that we have mentioned above.

Real understanding of time can give us great benefits.

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