Biomedical Engineer salary and Future scope in world

Biomedical engineering

biomedical engineering salary and education,Future scope, education, Biomedical engineering syllabus and employment work , key skill for any biomedical engineer.

Where discuss about the biomedical engineering.Bio medical engineering education and biomedical engineer salary and Future scope.Because biomedical is very best and tough branch today.

1.what is biomedical engineering?

A biomedical engineer works as create a medical device and medical operation instrutment.Which devices use in health realated problem solving.Ex. X-Ray machine,City scane,Human operation machine etc.So that sort in all type of medical device create and modify it.A some role of biomedical engineer.

• Design equipment Such as organs,replacement for body part and diagostic machine.

• Modify instrutment and repair his part and provide a technical support For medical instrutment.

• Train Doctor and patients in the use of Medical instrutment.

• Engineer knowledge with a researchers in developing new medical devices, artificial organs and Anylatical machine software.

• Write technical reports,Procedures and publish a research finding and make a presentation.

Above all points in mention a what is biomedical engineering.The biomedical engineering is one the branch thease include a               mechanical,computer,electrical,electronics. Biomedical engineering not a scope a any particular country but global levels need a biomedical engineer.Because medical instrutment is very important for a easy life and medical field.So that biomedical field is upcoming time very scope.

2. Which type qualification and education require for biomedical engineer?

Biomedical engineering college subject:


2.Programming for problem solving

3.Basic electrical engineering

4.Basic mechanical engineering

5.Enviromental science

6.Engineering Graphics and design



9.Basic electronics


11.Advance engineering mathematics

12.Engineering economics and management

13.Design Engineering-1

14.Bioelectric potential and measurement techniques

15.Human anatomy and physiology

16.Analog circuits

17.Fundamental of degital design

18.Design engineering -1-B

19.Microprocessor and interfacing

20.Analog circuits-2

21.Biosensors and tranducers

22.Control system and analysis

23.Mini project 1/internship /Ra/Ta

24.Mini project 1/intership /Ra/Ta

25.Numerical techniques and statistical method

26.Design engineering-2-a

27.Cyber security

28.Disaster management

29.Biomaterial and implants

30.Modelling and Simulation of physiological system

31.Microcontroller and interfacing

32.Digital signal processing

33.Mini project 2/intership/TA/RA

34.Design engineering-2-b

35.Diagnostic instrutmention

36.Therapeutic techniques and instrutmention

37.Embedded system degin


39.Introduction to engineering

40.Rehabilitstion Engineer


42.Medical imaging techniques

43.Biomedical image processing

45.Introduction to JAVA &Visual C++

46.Introduction to virtual biomedical instrutment

47.Biomedical microsystem

48.Medical optics


50.Regulatory standards for medical device

51.Electronics system design

52.Intellectual property right

All about subject is only for B.E graduation.After M.E subject not include in this article.After this subject study work in biomedical engineer.Engineering some branches study need a this branches.Biomedical engineer required a physics,Biology,calculas and mechanical.

3.Typical employers of biomedical engineer

•Research organization



•Medical instrutment manufactures

4.which key skill required for a biomedical engineer

°Good attention to detail

° A good eye for design

° Communication and teamworking skill

°The ability to empathise with patients

°Analytical skills.

5.Biomedical Engineer Future scope:

A biomedical is soft and core branch mix.So that all branch study in the biomedical engineering branch.Biomedical Engineer scope a very upcoming time because biomedical engineer are required to many foriene country instrutment manufacutring company.

6.Salary of biomedical engineer

A salary of Biomedical Engineer more than other branches.Because this branch have a minimum employment available and skill required field.So that approximately starter and fresher biomedical engineer salary around $10,0000 and after experience salary more than increase.


Because human life is very important.And save a human life a need a Development of medical device and medical system.So that always world big scientist and researchers more a devlope a medical system.

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