how much water should you drink a day

how much water should you drink a day?

How much water should you drink a day?

Hello friends, this is the same question for every person. How much water should you drink a day? Because water is more important for our healthy body. Some amazing useful tips and benefits for more water drink in the signal day why? Include in this article. 

Some research and health authorities know about water measurement around 60% water give or take. And 40% is related to the body in blood, Bones, etc.

we are losing water in a day from urine and sweat. After dehydration problem and another problem start in our body.

so guys today we are discussing this lesson about water. Every person needs drinking water. Without water and air not work our body.

But some people are not know how much water drink a day. This is a common problem and question for every person.

1. What are the benefits of water?
2. When drink water more benefit?
3. Body effect of water?
4. How much water drink a day?
5.Final Words.

1. What are the benefits of water?

Every person knows about water. Not need to give any type of function for water. Because what is water?  Function not available in this world and earth.

Some people and scientist know about the water in his opinion. But this opinion corrects only for a science lab. Real life is very different from this opinion.

In fact, This is not our topics but our topic is what are the benefits of water?

Water is more important for our body. Every person knows but how? When any person needs drinking water when he is going to near water. Every person this problem. But this is no problem. This good habit for your body.

Because when we are work with our body so the body is given water by sweat and urine. After some times body needs more water for the process. it's common.😂

The body needs to need many types of factor. like food, Excercise, workout, water, drinking drink.

Then we manage everything and use every time. But this thought not in our mind. Why use this thing? What needs for our body? it's amazing questions I think.

so a lot of people know about his different opinion. But we discuss the main benefits of drink water.

First of all this very good drinking drink.water is help for more energy gives our body. When you work the body give and take the process start for water.

When you drink water your mind and body are fresh and start work fast. it's amazing to experience. Our body needs every time energy. So it is a powerful benefit.

Some researchers are water drink more effect on our body skin. When drinking a more our body skin is fresh and light.

Water does not give any types of bad effects on our body. But some cases water give a bad effect. we discuss below topic.

Water is more effect on our body temperature. when we are work start and water give or take the process started so that water comes to our skin surfaces as sweat when the body temperature heats up. when we are drinking water our body temperature normal because the body needs water reached.

Best benefits of water are given and take process. Because of some waste of our body, we are easily removed for a body like urine and sweat.

Water prevents kidney damage. Because kidney regulate needs water for clean and remove body waste. So that we need insufficient water.

it's amazing benefits of water drinking. Because of this benefits need for every person. How can weight loss? So that water more helps you.

when you are going to any party and drink soda water and ice with lemon drink. So you can drink normal water and soda and ice level and over-consumption easily reduces.

we know about the benefits of water. It's amazing benefits for our body.

How much drink a water per day?

This is very popular problem today.Because we are not know what doing.its similiar.When you start your work you are not know what is doing you.

So that How much water we need per day? This is first think and talk yourself.You can get answer induvisuall different.But this is right.

Because water drinking need every person different. it's depends his age. and work.When,we are small child we need less water as today compare.Because this is depedenet your body.When your age around 14 to 18 year. you need more water.this is depedent yout body.

First we are disscus naturally water need after see some reaserch in science world.So first talk about different defination of water drinking.

Some peoples are know his different opinion of this think. You know. Some people talk 1 liter par day,other people talk 2 to 3 litres per day.But it is different answer.

We need exact answer how much water need per is not a exact answer.Why? Read above article....

We know more benefits of drinking a more water per day.but some bad effect in drink a over more you need any time maximum 2 glasses water.but you drink a 4 to 5 glasses. 

What happened?

Try it ! Amazing experience 😁...

After we are go our topic. How much? First answer its depends your body, Your age,Your work.Not need exact's right.

Any way, Now we are discussing scientific research and reasons about drinking a water per day.

First we talk exact answer of scientific is here.

Male: 3 to 3.5 liters per day.
Female:2 to 3 liters per day.

This answer is around scientific number.something..something..
But when, we are check this number reality. it is fine.Not any confusion.

This scientific answer show male need 3 to 3.5 liters per's naturally correct.Because we are exact not but reached this number around.And female need 2 to 3 lieters per day.It's fine.Because we are reched this number.But this number only for Yongest male and female.

When we talk about child and Elder this number is i think differe nt.Because Youngest and child age and body shape are different.And Elder age and body needs different.

But this number around all categories people take.this is scientific reasech.

We are know every season different temperature. While start summer more temperature in environment.This effect on our body.And our body temperature different show.

Very different number show in summer and winter season.When start summer season our body temperature is very high but when start Winter season body temperature not reach high number because this is dependent on environment.

So that it is about How much water should you drink a day.And now we are discuss Body effect of water.

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