What should be done to maintain a proportionate weight?

What should be done to maintain a proportionate weight? Many people have a special problem as to how we can maintain weight. 

Because our body weight is increasing or decreasing. Often people are suffering from overweight, many people suffer from weight loss problems. 

Everyone loves only moderate weight. We will talk about different types of methods in this article so that we can maintain our body weight.

At present, our life has increased mental work. That is why we sit in one place and do everything. 

That does not give physical exercise to our body. And our body weight increases. And in the same way our body gets many diseases due to weight gain. 

That is why we use different types of medicines and increase body weight or decrease. 

These types of drugs have very bad side effects in our body. This is what all people know.



Friends, weight gain or decrease in our body depends on our food diet.

So we talk about eating food first. The choice of everyone is different for eating. But if we want to keep our body weight we should control the diet. 

This does not mean that we should not eat less or have to eat. Many people stop eating due to weight gain or even ate less food. 

But you should not forget this kind of thing. To maintain our body weight, we should not eat foods that increase fat.

Friends, we can maintain our weight in a number of ways. These things are based on our mind, because the maintenance of the body is a matter of our mind. 

In short, at what time the things to eat are dependent on us. So in reality we do not need any kind of medicines or any such things. 

The body weight is maintained relatively well by eating only healthy and lightweight foods.


Exercise plays a big role in our lives. Because exercise strengthens the body. And the amount of fat in the body is reduced. Body strengthening prevents it from all kinds of diseases.

But many modern facilities are available for today's modern day exercises. At present, facilities like gym are available in major cities. But all these facilities are expensive. And the time for going to Jym is also spoiled. 

Because exercise time is in the morning. And this thing is not easy for the people. So for those people, I would like to exercise at home. 

Because no special machines are needed for your body to do a mild exercise. 

You can find many more articles on the internet to find out how to exercise at home. This will help you learn how to do mild exercises. Many applications will also be available to you online who will help you. 

Friends, exercise is very beneficial every day. Because people believe that doing more exercise during the day is beneficial. 

But, this is not the case. Exercise every day is more beneficial. If you exercise less time in the day, then there is no problem. 

This habit should be used every day. If you do not like to exercise too, then you have the habit of walking. 

You can do that thing in the morning or evening or anytime. That's why our body benefits like a soft exercise. 
Friends, we should be encouraged to do some exercise every day.

Gadget Effect:

Friends, all of the things like smartphones, TVs, computers, laptops, and video games are now addictive. 

People can not live without these things for a minute. This device is very harmful to our body. This device is very harmful for our eyes. 

In the same way, our bodies also suffer greatly. Because as long as sitting in front of these devices for hours, our body's health seems to be spoiled. 

If we do this type of work we should exercise it very much. Because rays emitted from electronic devices spoil our eye health. 

It is also possible to have an eye or a number of pearls after a long time. We are talking about why we are talking about proportional weight. 

So these things are based on one another. In short, if we are living a laptop life then it is very important for us to exercise the body well.


The most important thing is food for our body. So we should eat food like green vegetables, fruit juice in the diet. 

Because this is a good natural remedy. So we can maintain the weight of the body in such a way. Because everyone is bringing green vegetables to their home. 

In fact, eating raw vegetables also benefits a lot. Fruit juice is also very beneficial for drinking. Different fruits are available in each season. 

Fruit juice such as mango juice, chikoo juice etc. is very useful for the body. Raw vegetables also are very beneficial for our body. 

Drinking of fruit juice keeps energy in the body. This type of breakfast is very beneficial for our body every morning. 

In particular, we must have a pleasant breakfast every morning. Because we do not eat food all day, but energy remains in the body.


In short, friends should follow the above rules to maintain weight gain. Because the body is very useful in life. Only if the body is healthy we can work and move forward. Food and exercise are very useful for the body. So we should always take great care of that thing.
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