[Health] How to prevent heart disease? Why does heart disease happen?

How to prevent heart attack.Friends, today we are talking about a heart attack. 

Because millions of people die from this type of disease every day in the world. According to one estimate, it is said that the third death of the world is due to this disease. 

This disease does not last long. But a heart attack increases the likelihood of his death when someone comes. 

Friends can have a heart attack three times until I know. When it comes to the first time a hart attack, it increases the likelihood of a man's death. 

Because most people die for the first time in a heart attack. There are many reasons for a hart attack. 

And for the first time comes a hart attack, we will talk about how to deal with it in this article.

Heart Attack Attributes : 
 First of all we talk about the symptoms of heart attack. The person coming to a heart attack seems to have difficulty breathing. 

The head starts to feel sore and the pain may also occur on the upper side, and the chest may also cause severe pain.

Such symptoms usually lead to a heart attack. People with diabetes-like symptoms do not get these symptoms.

 People who are in the hot attack feel restless and this type of pain seems to be occurring in the body. During this time, man often becomes unconscious too. 

So there are some possible symptoms of this type of heart attack. These symptoms are not found in everyday life in the body. 

Common symptoms such as headache, fatigue in the body, so a heart attack does not occur, but sudden symptoms appear as a hart attack.


Why Does Heart Attack Come?

There are many reasons for a hart attack. Heart attack affects the person's heart. When our body's oxygen reaches the heart via arteries. 

When these arteries are leakaged due to any reason, oxygen can not reach the heart. And due to the absence of oxygen, the heart stops blood circulation through the heart. 

Radiation stops working due to this kind of problem. It is said that a heart attack has occurred. 

1.Smokeing : Smoking is the biggest problem of hitting an attack. 

99% of people who come in a heart attack are smokering. 

Smoking includes all types of alcohol and cigarettes as well as tobacco. 

2. Physical vulnerability :  There is a possibility of having a heart attack even with excess weight. 

Because there are many diseases caused by overweight in the body. 

And this disease causes many types of medicines that affect our heart over time. There is a possibility of a heart attack. 

3. Blood pressure : When blood pressure is high in our body, blood pressure often increases. 

Due to which the blood circulation in the body stops. And a heart attack can happen.

4. Extreme Tension : The problem is two-way. When there is excessive tension and when it is very pleased, then.

 You may have heard many times that due to excessive stress, a hart attack has occurred. 

Because of excessive tension, the discomfort increases in the body and the heartbeat starts to grow. 

There is a weakness in the arteries coming from the heart. And a hart attack can occur. 

In the same way, when we start feeling laughing and laugh, the heartbeat starts to develop and the heart is often broken. 

This is how often people die from their heart rhythms. 

5. symptoms : Many people also have a chances of heart disease due to their inherited symptoms. 

So if your family has died from this type of heart disease, then it is very important for people in his family to have a blood check after the age of 35.

5. Fast food : By eating food that is available in the market, it also causes damage to the body and after eating a lot of food after a long time it causes blood to flow in the arteries. 

 Apart from the types of problems most people get a heart attack.

How to avoid heart attack? :

▪ Friends are the easiest way to prevent heart attacks and to tackle all the things mentioned above. 

Because smoking is also a major problem, which can reduce the amount of heart attack coming in many cases. 

▪ Reducing the market diet can also prevent the occurrence of a heart attack.

▪ Regular body check-ups can be done to determine the extent of the body's disease. And the disease can be removed in a timely manner. 

▪ Exercising daily can also keep the body healthy. 

Friends, you can avoid getting rid of a hit attack in all these ways.

Special Note: 

It is very important to take timely treatment when the symptoms of the above mentioned heart attacks are found. 

So, when this kind of problem is found, do not have to cure a household when it is time to approach the doctor.
 Because this type of problem has to be taken in less time.

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