Where is use solar cell ? Application of solar

Where is use solar cell and application of solar cell. This plant we are discuss today and know his benefits  in our upcoming time and application  of solar cell.

Applications of solar cell:

So that solar energy is the most promising clean energy source for new generation. Sun has been shining for About 5 to 10 billion years. Because this sentences  is evergreen.and sun will be continue shining for another 4 to 10 billion years. The first PV system application developed were applied as an energy sources for satellites and later for orbital stations in space. Now a day photovoltaic system are applied as an energy sources in many cases. Most commonly applied photovoltaic system can be found in remote and rural areas where no public grid is available. However, quite often grid connected systems are constructed in urban areas. Photovoltaic system are an excellent solution to electricity production regardless of your where abouts event at high latitudes of Himalayas or in Antarctica photovoltaic system have been build. According to loads connected to the system and to the basic design principles,the following photovoltaic system are used direct coupled photovoltaic system and concentrator photovoltaic systems. The applications below depict use of photovoltaic system as an energy sources in many interesting ways.

1. Photovoltaic power plants :
Solar modules are now a days part of large standalone or grid connected systems. Large photovoltaic  power plants have been constructed in Germany,Spain,USA, Italy,Netherlands etc. Worldwide more than around 250 late power plant with peak power 1 MWp or more are connected to the public.

2. Disaster Relief :

Small photovoltaic systems are very good power supply sources in case of natural disasters. In such case photovoltaic system can be used as power supply sources for medical institutions,school,street lighting,traffic signalisation etc.

3. Electricity sources for protected areas :

An example of application would be a natural park or other environmentally is avoided by application of photovoltaic system in such area, which can not be achieved by use of public grid.

4. Telecommunication devices supplied by power valt systems:

Many telecommunications system can be found in impassable areas making them difficult to reach by ground. The location can be most difficult to reach during winter with snowfalls increasing the possibilities of system malfunction. Many of the system are used in critical applications, such as railways signalling,telecom facilities for rural areas,marine lights, TV transmitters to name but a few. 

5. Alarm and control system power supply :

Numerous fire alarms,burglar alarms and other than alarm system could be powered by photovoltaic system. Usually an alarm system is connected with a remote monitoring communication system and it is powered by solar cells, such systems operate independently of a grid power supply, therefore, they can be used in remote areas or in situations, where high reliability is required. The other important group of system are light signs, marine lights,airport landing lights, teleport lights etc. 

6. Use of PV  system in medical application:

Application of photovoltaic system has proved very suitable for power supplying medical clinics in rural areas. Photovoltaic system power lighting,sterilisation equipment,vaccine refrigerators, air condition etc. Installation of such systems is most widespread in different African countries. The system are usually designed as complements to small wind system or disel generators,which are used for backup power supply at night or in emergency,such as emergency surgeries,and for x ray power supply.

7. Solar powred aircrafts :

Helios projected was a part of NASA ERAST programmes. It was developed by NASA and California company aeroviromemt inc. ERAST programmes develops pilotless solar powered air plane technology. The HELIOS construction us based upon its predecessors like NASA solar plane pathfunder,which was successfully tested a few years prior to HELIOS. In the test flight on 13th August 2001, HELIOS reached the height of almost 30,000 meters. 

8. Cathodic protection: 

Cathodic protection of pipelines ca  be obtained independently of a public grid by a PV system.

9. Aautomation and DAQ: 

Many different automated measurement system can be supplied by photovoltaic system such as water level sensor, meteotlrological stations,seusmucal measurement equipment and other similar devices. Remote monitoring is conducted via modern and GSM or ISDN communication. 

10. Solar powered water drip irrigation system :

Solar powered drip irrigation system provides minimal usages of water for agriculture. Thus system is highly suitable for dry regions with a lot of sunshine. During the day, solar module generates electricity automatically start the DC pump to pump water through the drip irrigation system.
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