[Best ] Top 10 Amzing Natural And Pure Medicine for healthy body

Top 10 Natural medicine for healthy body and make a easy life.Oren ,moringa,Indian mulberry,Garlic,Bone setter,aloe Vera,crown of God,chrysanthemum,pin weed and sun flowers.

Natural Medicine is very helpful for our healthy life. Some Healthy  tips  natural medicine is very old researchers found and people use a today daily life

Top 10 Natural Medicine Name:

1. Oren

2. Moringa
3. Indian Mulberry
4. Garlic
5. Bone Setter
6. Aloe Vera
7. Crown of God
8. Chrysanthemum
9. Pine weed
10. Sun Flower 

Now we are discuss top 10 natural medicine

1. OREN:


 Acne is a very common skin disorder that affected almost all individual at least once in their lives. Acene incidences peak during teenage years. But a large number of men and woman aged between 20 and 30 are also affected by the disorder. Acene scars is due to the increase in androgens or male hormones which in turn results in increased sebum production, a skin of fatty and wax material that is designed to keep the skin soft and healthy. The block affected the pores and causes acne.


The inside of the fresh skin of an orange is placed on the face or any other part if the body where the acne grows. Orange extract is an excellent remedy for acne. Let the orange skin remain on the acne so you feel a tearful sensation and then they you can clean it. Repeat this process 3 and 4 times a dat.



A type of illness that causes inflammation and stiffness of the joints is extremely painful. Osteoarthritis affects weight bearing joints. The knee, the hip and the spine. This diseases causes cartilage in the joints to degenerate. Osteoarthritis often ocuurs after injury or as a result of repetitive physical tasks which places excessive pressure on the joints. Rheumatoid arthritis is the most servers type of arothritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder in which the body defense system attact and damages the joints and soft tissue around it.


Drink freshly ground moringa root stew.

3. Indian Mulberry:


Asthma is a respiratory condition characterized by a spasm attack in the lung bronchi that causes difficulty in breathing and is usually associated with allergic reaction. Symthomatic symptoms very from day to day and from hour to hour. This diseases usually begins during childhood and is often healed or become less severe at the beginning of maturity. For those with asthma because of allergan that may be responsible for causing asthma and thus the person can avoid the occurrence of asthma.


Noni fruti can be eaten to control asthma. It is recomonded to be eaten in the morning and evening after eating. If it is difficult to bake it, the cooked noni can be boild in water. The water is filtered and one glass is drunk in the morning and a glass is drunk one evening meal. A honey spoon can be added to make it tastier. The stew can be stored in the refrigerator and can be used for several days.

4. Garlic:


Atherosclerosis is the formation of cholesterol plaque that formation of chloesterol plaque that accumulates in the inner wall of the blood vessels that causes narrowing of the arteries, especially thr part that leads to the heart and brain. This diseases is usually due to nutrition rich in saturated fats and cholesterol which is exchanged by the liver into LDL. When atherosclerosis goes deeper in the coronary artery, this may cause angina pectoris pain is accompanied by breathing difficulties due to cardiac ischemia and one can be attacked by a heart attack. Astrosklerosis in the brain can cause stroke.

• Proposal

Garlic lower LDL and increases HDL high density lipoprotein, good cholesterol , and prevent blood from forming blood clots, which is a process in which atherosclerosis increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. The easy garlic capsule in the market can be eaten. However, in it's natural from you can take 7 to 28 cloves of garlic daily or you can take 5 to 20 gram cloves. Those who find it hard to eat fresh garlic, you can add garlic into the sandwich or eat it with salad. Some people suggest picking up some garlic cloves. 

5. Bone Setter:

                                         Bone Fracture

In terms of bone fracture is a condition in which bone joints are disconnected. Bones can be caused by high hardness or collision between two bodies or minor injuries caused by bone deficient health condition such as osteogenesis, where the term fracture is a parthological fracture.

• Proposal

Make a paste from the fresh stem of the bone Setter plant and use this paste externally to promote healing of the fracture.

6. Aloe vera:

Burned wounds are defined as damaged mucous membrances and tissues after being exposed to excessive heat, poisonous chemicals or radiation including suns. The burn would is classified as a first degree burns, seconds and third degree burns. The first degree of burns covers the outer layer of the skin or the epidermis, causing the skin to become red, soft or swollen and bilsters. The seconds degree of burns is where the deeper layers of the skin are damaged, including dermis with similar systems as in the first degree. The third degree of burns affectes the epidermis,dermis, subcutaneous tissues and deep servere cases,including muscles below. Second and third degree burns require medical attention especially to prevent wounds from becoming scarred.

• Proposal

Gel in the inside of aqueous aloe vera leaves can be used externally for any type of burns. This is not only relieving but many patients report that using aloe vera on burns may prevent or remove scars that are usually caused by burns.

7. Crowed Of God:


Cancer is a type of diseases caused by the abnormal distribution of abnormal cells in any part of the body. Malignant immune factors are most common in the major organs such as lungs, breasts, guts,skin,abdomem,pancreases or bones and also in places such as nasal sinuess, tested,ovaries, lips or tangues. Kanser can also occur in the blood and lymph system. Surgery is the most common form of treatment, often in combination with radiation therapy and chemotherapy involving the use of anticancer druges.

• Proposal

The crown of the deer is cut into thin slices and dried in the sun for a day. Day five grams of dried fruits and put in a cintainer,add two hundred fifty ml of water and boil it for tea. In the early stages of cancer, it is sufficient to just drink the tea for a week. However, in server or late levels the tea should be drunk for a month. If no fruit, the leaves can be used.

8. Chrysanthemum:

                                              Common Cold

All human beings in the world have had the flu at least once in their lives. Elimination is defined as a viral intection of the upper respiratory tract, causing inflammation of the mucous membrane that is present along the bronchial, throat,Eustachian tube and nose. The impression is the mucus production of the nose,nasal congestion or clogging and sometimes accompanied by headache and fever. The virus is usually transmitted through droplets in the air that are propagated by a nearby person by coughing or sneezing.

• Proposal

Water decoction of whole chrysanthemum plants in fresh or dry form is advisable to control the flu.

9. Pine weed:

Constipation is a condition where bowel or bowel discharge is difficult and does not occurs on a regular basis. Other constipation symptoms include headache, coated tongue, fatigue,bad breath , mental depression and mental degratiodation. Regulatory and comofort in water discharge bigger is more important than it's frequecy. Complication are usually not considered harmful unless it comes suddenly and presistently for adults over forty years. The most common causes of constipation is the lack of adequate fiber in the diet and lack of fluids or lack of adequate fiber in the diet and lack of drinking water.

• Proposal:

Stewed water from purified pesteed plants is fully functioning against constipation. Generally, the procedures is to use ten to twenty grams of leaves in one liter of water. Drink three to four cups a day.

10. Sun Flower:


Cough is defined as a strong airborne release from the lungs. In the scientific term cough is a reflex reaction to try to clear the respiratory tract of mucus,phlegm,foreign matter or other irriant material that causes the lung to clog. Most coughing is due to the respiratory tract of the mocus that drips from the back. The medical practitioner should be consulted if the cough presists more than two or three days,or in symptoms such as chest pain, green sputum,bloody cough or difficulty breathing.

• Proposal:

Flower or died leaves or fresh leaves of sunflower are provided as a tea for treating cough.


So this is above top 10 Natural medicine and his proposal.so that you can easily use daily life.

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