Jammu and Kashmir tourist attraction and most visiting places

Jammu and Kashmir tourist attraction and most visiting places.The dal lake and the Mughal garden in Srinagar accentuate the kashmir tourism. 

There are not be a heaven or a land of milk and honey,but there is a Kashmir valley,which attract travelers from all over the world. 

Driffting shikhars on sparkling lakes on a summer evening,the vibrancy of mughal garden in spring.

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About Jammu and Kashmir:

Bounded by Punjab and Himachal Pradesh to the South, for Afghanistan to the north west and Pakistan to the wesr. Kashmir is found within the north Western region of india. 

As this region had become the subject of dispute between the two nations, India and Pakistan,it's South and south eastern portion make a state of India. And, as per the agreement of 1972,the administered portion of the two national are divided by line of control. 

Replete with rich and varied calture,the life lifestyle of kashmir people is mostly influenced by literature, dance,music,food and festival that are celebrated there. With exposure to solidarity during the times of independance.,the locals of have become a part of new literature and learning. 

Blessed with glacial mountains,crystal clear water,pine forests,chinar groves,and pine trees,the region of Kashmir has been detached from the whole country for a long time.so that above all detail in include about kahmir.


First we are know about Jammu and Kashmir capital and touurist most attractive city Srinagar. Srinagar tourism justifies every visit to the city with different shades of the gloaries sky, high mountains,lush landscape,and the river jhelum. 

Tourism in Srinagar bring to the surface,the inner feelings of travelers. Srinagar travel guide unfolds actuality great thing about the maple trees over the roads that cause the majestic ice capped mountains. 

The ever popular dal lake which enlinvens the city since eternity is what makes Srinagar look exactly like a dream come true. The faces of jammu and Kashmir call for never ending legendary stories which might not be known by any Srinagar tour guide but is safely hidden in the tunes of this city. 

Hear the char chinar,situated in the exact middle of the dal lake,hum the glorious myths as one floats past then,riding in the kaleidoscope shikaras. The experience of lodging at the houseboats in nigeen lake also is surley not going to be missed by srinagar tourism.

Tourists will talk to any srinagar business guide that primarily lists the praise worthy Shalimar gardens showcasing their best stock of beautiful flower beds. Besides,the Indira Gandhi tulip garden and nishit garden and Mughal garden and chashme shahi garden too known as the major tourist attraction here. 

Among them the badamwari garden stately fluents the ancient rich resources to. Srinagar travel guide advise a revitalizing trip to the crowd pleasing shankaracharya hill ls which remains among the topmost prefenrential sites for tourism in Srinagar. 

The rugged thanks to the Hari Parbat laden with various historical references with efficiency exposes the grandeur of the many non secular beliefs. Worshippers also join the kheer bhawani temple and the most celebrated shankaracharya temple which too is included in the Srinagar tourism.

Srinagar tourism brings the ultimate treat for the adventure seekers by creating Bollywood movies romances scenes in the aero ballon and giving a measmerizing view of the pir panjal ranges from thousand feet above the sea level. 

Apart from this one can also opt for bird watching amist the majestic flowres bed in Srinagar. While opting for mountain biking and gondola ride can make adventure lovers cherish mother nature at it best. 

After the satisfying picturesque sceneries of this northern city teeming with the life of Kashmir, Srinagar tour guide opens doors to the best cuisines found here. On an excursion to srinagar ,one shouuld never forget to taste the special delicacy. The Kashmiri wazwan. 

While the world famous Kashmiri kebabs and kawah and authentic green tea can just add flovour to one's journey to this magical place.

1.Shalimar Bagh in sringar:

One of the most famous Mughal garden in the Kashmir valley,Shalimar Bagh in sringar had become the crown of Srinagar today. Built by the Mughal emperor jahangir as a symbol of love for his beloved with Nur Jahan and this garden is an apt representation of the word Shalimar that translates to abode of love. The garden is nestled on the banks of the serene dal lake and has lush green terraced lawns,fountains,pools,flower bed and rows upon rows upon rows of chinar trees and the pavillion.

Shalimar Bagh was made on flat land on the decaliter lake and contains a rectangular central layout with four diverging arms. It offers splendid views of the lake and also the shallow terraces. There square measure 3 main terraces that show a colourful image. The first terrace is also known as the diwan e Aam while the secomd is known as the diwan e Khas. The third terraces is the zenana gaden. Water fountain offer water to every chinar lined terrace. The garden houses innumerable varieties of Flora that offer a marvelous play of colors when the reasons change. The crowned head Nahar water canal within the garden is fed by water from the decaliter Lake and runs through the middle of the garden.
Chini khanas niches render a distrinct and uniqe feature to the terraced gardens of Srinagar Shalimar Bagh,once lit with oil lamps to give the cascading water an exotic look, these niches now house pots with brightly colored flowers.

• Fees for Shalimar Bagh in Sringar and time:

Every day- 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Fees: INR 0

2. Tulip Garden in Sringar:

In Sringar,there lies a huge thirty Hector's tulip garde,which is Asia' s biggest garden till date. Located in the foothills of zabarwan range,this garden gives an overviews of the famous dal lakes too. It was opened in 2007 with a robust goal to spice up the touristry of Jammu and Kashmir vale. Visitors also will realize alternative completely different forms of flowers like Hyacinth,ranunculus, daffodils and many more when should one visit the garden ? Tulip gardens formally referred to as Mrs. Gandhi liliaceous plant garden is visited by many of us round the world. Tourists can very sit this place anytime on between last week of March to mid april. That is the time for the annual liliaceous plant competition,an effort put by the government to promote the magnificence of Jammu and Kashmir. Indira Gandhi tulip garden in Srinagar is beyond perfection to say the least.An array of different colors of tulips may just leave you awestruck with it's richness in the beauty and vastness of the place. The garden hosts around sixty styles of multi coloured liliaceous plant flowers. At the very first sight,it may seem like a carpet of colors amongst thousands of tourist.

• Tulip garden in srinagar entry fees and time:

Child: INR 25 Adult: INR 50.

Time: Sundayto Monday: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

3. Sonamarg in sringar:

Kashmir the land of snow capped mountains, exquisite gardens,colorful valley,traditional houseboat and romantic lakes is a home to a beautiful place called sonamarg. Also known as the "Meadow of Gold". Sonamarg is associate degree elevated space on the bank of nallah sindh watercourse. Amzing glaciers,placid lakes and exquisite waterfalls add to the beauty of sonamarg and make this place one of the most visited places among tourists. Located at associate degree altitude of 2740m higher than the ocean level. And situated at the foot of zoijila pass,it is also best known as the gateway to ladakh. This places is also quite famous among excursionist and globetrotters. Some of the famous nearby places that you can visit include zoijila pass,yusmarg, glaciers of thajiwas,Krishna nagar lake. Being sonamarg visitors can go for trout fishing at krishnanagar lake and send river. All those people who love to try seeding can also experience the selding at the frizens, For trekking lovers,the routes to the lake of krishnanagar lake,gangabal and vishashar are the best bets. One can also visit nichnai places that offers some marvelous and breathtaking views of the kashmir valley. Not only this,being in sonmarg. Tourist can also try and adventure sports like alping skilling,white water rafting and angling.

Sonamarg entry fees and timing:

Fees: INR 0

Time: Monday to sunday - 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

4.Mugh Garden In Srinagar:

After we are reach in this post most amzing and beautiful garden of the Mughal garden. Beside being perfect representation of Persian influenced Mughal architecture in it prime. Mughal garden Srinagar are known for their exceptional beauty owing to their spectacular mountains natural setting which remain unparalleled in all of India. Shalimar Bagh Srinagar in the foothills of pir panjal range is a popular tourist attraction in the Kashmir valley. After one of the main elements of these gardens is running water and a pool that would reflect the magnificence of the sky and the garden. Diffreent varieties of trees providing shade,fruit and flowers, a plethora of colorful wild grass,a mild zephyr and birds chirping all around made the gardens as a very relaxing spot. Running water in the canals and a reflecting pool to show the beauty of the sky and garden itself are the key featured of Mughal gardens. The numbers eight and nine.

The Mughal garden in srinagar owe their magnificence and unparalleled heights of perfection to the Mughal emperor jahangir and shah Jahan, both of whom had an unwavering affection for the region. Srinagar houses several picturesque Mughal garden that not only demonstrate the excellent engineering skill of the Mughal but also provide splendid views of the Day lake and other key landmarks.
After we are reach nishat Bagh. Also on the banks of the dal lake,Nishant garden Srinagar is one of the most beautiful and tourist attraction garden in Mughal garden in srinagar. It is usually lovingly mentioned because the garden of gladsomeness and offers brilliant views of the zabarwan and pir panjal mountain ranges.
And overlooking of the srinagar city from the top of the zabarwan mountains range,this is a beautiful seven terraced garden that does not contain any water channels and Cascades like a other gardens.so this is Mughal garden most visiting places and amzing adventure.

Mughal Garden entry fees and time:

Fees: INR 0

Time: Monday to Sunday - 10 :00 am to 6:00 pm

5. Dal Lake in srinagar:

Resplendent with beauty. Dal Lake in Srinagar is one of the most visited tourist destination s in Kashmir valley. The exceptional charm and exquisite surrounding of dal lake attract tourist from all over the world . It also the second largest lake in Jammu and Kashmir. that offers a picturs and measmerizing views of the majestic mountains. Shikhars at dal lake srinagar are the cultural symbol of kashmir,just like the Venetian gondoals. Travelers also will bump into several oarsmen in colourful letter ran.

Dal lake entry fees and time:

Fees: INR 0

Time: Monday to Sunday - 8:00 am to 7:00 pm


Situtated at an altitude of 8694 the hill station of gulmarg is a popular ski destination in kashmir. Gulmarg tourism is all about witness the scienic beauty of the snow capped mountains,sprinkled with lush green borders. A calming weather and most importantly and adventure activity like skilling. Gulmarg gindola,snow biking,and sledge riding. Gulmarg situated at an altitude of 2700m,with its absymal gorges scattered on the terrain.

The city of gulmarg has hosted innumerable Bollywood movies which undoubtedly increase the top of the certain destination here. All of which is mandatorilly visited in assistance with the gulmarg travel guide. The rugged beauty of the Rockey terrains blanketed with white snow having the lush green Meadows peeping out of it makes the city a popular destination for all the family and friends circles. Tourism in gulmarg hoists specific trips to the relegious shrines of imambara goom and St. Mary church where one can worship in front almighty. The maharani temple located the heart of gulmarg should also be visited in assistance with the gulmarg guide. Choose to visit in winter season and see it becoming a wonderland. And it's beauty enhances even more during the period of summers. While with the arrival of autumm season,here one can get to witness the brightest of flowers blooming everywhere. Offering fascinating views throughout the year.Gulmarg travel guide take a tourist on a day trip of khilanmarg. To capature the kaleidoscope flower bed lingering all over the dnow. Another strinking piece of lakes alphar lake at the foothills of apharwat peak make the visitors questions about the perfection of the creator. With the frozen lakes in winter and floating ice chunks kissed by the dense fog. Crammed with some of the best travel destination gulmarg is not only for nature lovers. Instead the beautiful valley of flowers has many sites where one can indulge in adventure for a thrilling experience.

1. Alpather Lake in Gulmarg:

Sandwich between mighty mountains and lush green meadows covered with wildflowers, the alphather lake is nature at its best. This lake stays frozen till most a part of the year. Even if you visit in mid june,you will go to see the frozen version of Alpather Lake. Summer time last from may to september and this is when you can get to see the clear blue water of the lake. The white icebergs that float here adorn the lake during the greater part of the calendar year.

Frozen or fluid the lake has towering mountains that are always snow capped and can be the best background for photography captures for tourist groups. You can click picture all day and still not get enough of this location. Imagine snow covered field with a little sneak peek of green here and there, this best describe the picture here in winter season. For people who have never seen much snow,this frozen lake will take their breath away.if you carry your skating gear along , you can make the most of the frozen lake in winter. The crystal clear layer of ice of the Alphather lake servers as good ice skating ground. Skating with an exquisite read can play a unforgettable vacation. For beginners, what better than learning ice skating in open nature with magnificent surrounding. Just keep a hand or a serving to shoulder at hand,and experience the joy of skating on the Alpather lake of gulmarg. Not too far from gulmarg,Alphather lake can be easily squeezed in your sight seeing plan when you set out to expolare gulmarg.

Alpather Lake Entry Fees and Time:

Fess: .INR 0

Time: Monday to Sunday- 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

2. St. Mary Church in Gulmarg:

Every tourist attraction has some religious places among the sought after tourist spots. Religious places square measure principally characterised by bailiwick excellence of our ancestors. However St. Mary Church of gulmarg did receive some renovation and touch ups in the year two thousand three. Because this church is around hundred year old. This Victorian architectural beauty is situated near the golf course gulmarg. To witness the the century old architecture wonder,tourists throng this place all year round. Its appearance is similar to one of the small counrtside chapels if England. The walls of the saint Mary church are stone grey. The top of the building is a steep green roof that has wooden trimmings. The church looks especially beautiful in the winter season when it is seen in a backdrop of white powdery snow. Adorning the valley of shepherds of gulmarg,stands the Catholic Church of St. Mary . At night it is decorated with colored lighting that makes it look even more pretty. So if you want to catch the beautiful lightings of the church drop by this place post sunset. After military presence was imposed in gulmarg. The church has stopped functioning altogether. However there are still a bunch of Christian missionaries and institutions that still stand associated with the Mary church.

A lot of photography enthusiastic can be seen hanging around the saint Mary church. Gulmarg to get a memorable shot. If you want a perfect shot with your follow tourists consisting of your friends and family. This serves as an ideal location. Wild landscape and untouched forests,an ancient church and mountains,this kinds of rustic scenery is seldon found in crowded city churches.

St. Mary church entry fees and time:

Fees: INR 0

Time: Monday to Sunday - 7:00 am - 8:00 pm.

3.Ningle Nallah in Gulmarg :

Ningle Nallah is just ten kms away from the gulmarg. Mountains continuously have wild stream and rivulets flowing here and there. Ningle Nallah is one such mountains stream that has become a popular tourist attraction of gulmarg. Either side the stream is like a painted canvas of green meadows with wildflowers. The gurgling sound of this stream is nothing less than therapeutic and healing to human soul. The water is the results of the melted snow of the mighty apharwat peak. The Alphather Lake is the main reservior of which ningle Nallah is just an off shoot. After twisting and turning at various location. Ningle Nallah finally merges with the jhelum river near sopore. History says that location was one if the favourite of the royal Royal and the king as well for a day out. This was also one of the summer escapades for the British officers rules ancient India. Children are especially fond ningle Nallah since there is a lot of play area in and around it. The area near Ningle Nallah is untoched and undxpolred and that is exactly what adds to it is beauty. No one like crowed tourist places in the mountains after all since the sole purpose of visiting mountains is the tranquility that they offer. For people who love to go fishing,you can look forward to trout fishing in the streams of Ningle Nallah, gulmarg. So gear up with your fishing necessities and head to ningle Nallah to spend some alone time just fishing by the clear stream if ningle nallaha. There is also a small waterfall to lift your spirits further up. If you have a knack for nature photography, then nothing will please you more. Vast stretches of wilderness and the stillness of the snow covered mountains is compensated by the dancing stream that creates soothing music while flows.

Ningle Nallah Entry Fees and Time:

Fees: INR 0

Time: Monday to Sunday- 6:00 am - 6:00 pm


All of above tourist attraction places in Jammu and Kashmir. Because Jammu and Kashmir is one of the most beautiful and nature places in India. You can go this places and enjoy time with this place.